Four workshops will open the Icograda Design Week 2008 in Torino.
Three and a half days courses, led by four important designers, for students and young professionals from all over the world.


4 Workshops
Saki Mafundikwa
Workshop on afrikan alphabets, to introduce writing systems as a source of typographical inspiration. This is a workshop for students who love typography and the aim is to open their world up to a different take on type and writing.

Lust | Thomas Castro + Jeroen Barendse
Using Torino as an model, the students will analyze a complex urban system, and offer their resulting ideas in a "quickscan" that emphasizes the edge where new media and information technologies, architecture and urban systems and graphic design overlap. Moreover, additional goals of the workshop will be to expose the participants to advanced ideas and methodologies in design research and conceptual, editorial graphic design and authorship.

Daniel Eatock + Flávia Müller Medeiros

Title: Using existing things to make new things / games, sculptures, challenges, experiments.
Subject: Books, Chairs, Tape, Found Things, Discarded Rubbish, Personal Belongings.
Aims of the workshop: Balance, Counter Balance, Improvisation, Responding to Givens, Play, Conversation and Challenge.
Practical constraints: Health, Money, Space, Time.
Working hours per day: Noon to 4pm.
Materials and specific devices needed for the workshop (f.i. printers, slides projector…): What ever is readily available + paper, scissors, tape, chairs, desk, small bit of wood, coffee, helium, balloons, 3 desk fans, one can of black spray paint.
Materials and specific devices to be brought by students: digital camera, laptop, fruit, tape, glue, balls, pen.

Sophie Thomas

Want to know what a communication designer can do to help save our world?
This workshop will aim to push designers to create a one off piece/ design/ happening/ event that can be physically created in the public domain that will make the public of the city stop and think and change their ways.

Read the interview SDZ: When graphic design is sustainable


14-15-16 october 2008
Workshops, Castello del Valentino.

17 october 2008
Morning, workshop results presentation, Politecnico di Torino.

All workshop will be conducted in english. 



5 mag 2008



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