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Baseline sets out to reflect all aspects of type, including its design, history, use, and links to the graphic, art and craft scenes. The magazine’s contents are deliberately eclectic. It publishes historical and new material, from academic as well as journalistic sources. It is neither superficial nor artificially analytical. The magazine is highly regarded for it’s use of materials and production values.

Established in 1991, under the editorship of Tibor Kalman, with the premise that diversity is positive but that all cultures have equal value, Colors is a quarterly magazine sold in over 40 countries and published in three editions and four languages. Present on the internet with one of the most popular and critically acclaimed websites, today Colors is part of the publishing activity of Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre.

culture & post-design
d[x]i Magazine is a complimentary quarterly publication distributed throughout Spain. It is devoted to design and its related disciplines, such as art, architecture, interior design, graphic communication and fashion. d[x]i is an experimental platform where opinions, analysis and debate mix - complimented by news and up-to-date information. d[x]i is a unique publication that offers a committed vision to design with cutting-edge style.

A magazine for designers and professionals of the visual communication fields. Monthly issues offer to readers an extremely updated overview on the design production both at a french and international level. Founded in 1994 by the publishing company Pyramyd NTCV as «étapes graphiques», becomes «étapes:» in may 2001. September 2003 the magazine celebrated its 100th issue.

form is one of the leading design magazines in Europe and is issued in both German and English. Renowned specialist writers report six times a year on the latest trends in industrial design, graphic design and interaction design. Since 1957, form has been been an authoritative source of information and inspiration to designers, entrepreneurs, lecturers and students alike.

Published since 1911 and relaunched in 2002, Graphicus is an italian dynamic graphic arts magazine that is much valued for its independent technical articles, its studies and on site trials, and its monitoring of technological innovations in all areas of printing, converting and packaging, security printing and digital printing.

Every week the best of newspapers from all over the world. Internazionale is an Italian indipendent periodical founded in 1993. Through its own publishing house Fusi Orari publishes a series of books about reportage, tests, novellistic, testimonies, images, comic strips.
Items is the leading Dutch design magazine, covering all design disciplines, from architectural, graphic and industrial design to product and fashion design. Items focuses on the essential characteristics shared by every design product: that it is a cultural artifact, made for a purpose. Items' goal is to identify and analyze new developments in the design field, to critically look at trends and new products, to scrutinize 'design stars' and to introduce talented young designers. Above all, Items is devoted to stimulating insightful design critique.

A two-monthly magazine about art, made in Italy and visual communication that shows the cultural state like it is: why, how and from where come successful ideas and products. NextMag allowed the reader to have an useful instrument to understand and start to take part to the creative world.


First published in 1924, novum is now one of the leading and most influential design magazines in Europe. Each month, the bilingual (German/English) journal presents its readers with examples of the very best in graphic design, illustration, photography, new media, corporate design, advertising and typography.

+design is Greece's premiere design magazine focusing mainly on graphics, but also on web design, illustration and product design. It first came out in 1998 and since then has established itself as an active player for the local inudstry, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops as well the annual Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE).

A magazine, published by AIAP, to inform about and deepen the knowledge of graphic design. It is not only a magazine about professionals and over the profession, it furthermore reviews cultural and educational aspects too.

Sdz is a daily updated information blog published by the Italian graphic design association (Aiap). It is online since 2003. Sdz's main aim is to offer an open discussion platform on the social responsability of designers, combined with ideas and opinions related to everyday life and facts.
Active since 2001, it is an informational web magazine about visual communication. It is managed by the cultural Association yo-next, created for the promotion of visual communication culture through real initiatives, with lectures and events in both public and private institutions, by way of the realization of editorial projects, the organization of shows, conferences, meetings, and conventions.

The quarterly magazine published by Integrata was launched in 2001 with the support of Fedrigoni Cartiere to dialogue with graphic and design professionals, offering them a tool for continuous professional and visual development, covering an extensive range of topics… and all with plenty of illustrations. All the text is in Italian and English, so that it can now really travel the world.
Active since 2006, FF3300 its a network and a digital magazine. It is about graphic design, typography, fotography and illustration but also about architecture, street art and writing. All texts are in italian and english, and the magazine is free distributed through the web site.

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