Curated by Cristina Chiappini and Silvia Sfligiotti
The main exhibition will feature an international selection of communication design work addressing the Multiverso theme. Multiverse is a theory that admits the idea of the existence of many universes, where different laws apply; in the same way, Multiverso can also describe a kind of design that is open-ended, open-source, bottom-up, relational, process-based.
Representations of cultural complexity, participative projects, adaptive and non-invasive visual systems, and designs where technology combines with the organic and the handmade: these are some examples of the kind of projects that will be included in the show.
The exhibiotion will include (among others) works by: Ruedi Baur, Andrew Blauvelt, Peter Bilak, Catalogtree, Pierre Di Sciullo, John Morgan Studio, Ji Lee, Jürg Lehni, LUST, Luna Maurer, Mevis & Van Deursen, Norm, Stefan Sagmeister, Todo, Tomato, Welcometo.as.


Italic 2.0
Contemporary type design in Italy
Curated by Marta Bernstein, Luciano Perondi, Silvia Sfligiotti
Italic 2.0 shows the most recent developments in the Italian typographic scene, which has recently shown a real boom, thanks to the work of many new designers.
The main threads of developments are shown: research and experimentation, teaching, revival of historical models, custom and independent typefaces.
A map section shows the study and work paths and the connections between designers.
Works by Elena Albertoni, Giovanni De Faccio, Piero De Macchi, Alessio Leonardi, Fabrizio Schiavi and many others.
The book Italic 2.0, published by DeAgostini, will be launched on the opening of the exhibition. Texts by Giovanni Lussu, James Clough, Antonio Cavedoni, Marta Bernstein, Luciano Perondi, Giangiorgio Fuga, Silvia Sfligiotti and others, in Italian and English.


Alba. New Italian Posters

Curated by Andrea Rauch and Gianni Sinni
“Alba, nuovi manifesti italiani” (Dawn, new Italian posters) presents the work of 42 Italian graphic designers - 130 posters designed between 2000 and 2007 by graphic designers who face often difficult and contradictory contexts and methods in Italy. One thing is certain, if the Italian poster is to survive, it must regain its role
and/or set off in new directions. The new “culture of design” generation is called upon to solve this difficult task.

11 set 2008

via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

21 ottobre 2020


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