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Multiverso is a multifaceted reality that gathers different cultures and often unpredictable interaction methods: this world is not subject to one-way laws, consisting instead of different and diverging potential developments.


This multiverso vision applied to visual communication paves the way for new project developments, so as to identify the most suitable answers to the complex world we live in.
Identity design has already gradually moved away from the idea of creating perfect systems to guarantee consistency and a univocal approach as supreme values, shifting instead towards flexible identities that can be adjusted to the context. Other communication and, broadly speaking, project areas, can benefit from the same type of approach.
The conference will explore the opportunities that may arise from both the perspectives of theoreticians studying the premises and the designers working along this line: their input will show different ways through which multiverso can reveal itself.

Social Multiverso

Multiverso as a social tool
The process leading to a project is becoming increasingly important: it can be crucial to the actual understanding of the problem connected with communication as part of a larger context, where customers and designers, as well as users and citizens, have a say. The purpose behind it is to devise useful and shared understanding tools that may positively affect cultural differences in local and global social contexts alike.

Technological Multiverso
Multiverso as human technology
Technology is a precious tool if used not only to guarantee speed, perfection and accuracy, but as a way to record and give exposure to a complex and flowing, imperfect world that is prone to error but that is nonetheless alive for those very reasons. A technology made by man and in friendship with man, where fortuitousness and interferences are also vital elements of innovation.

Interactive Multiverso
Multiverso as an open and participatory project
The project is not finished until it meets with the audience it targets; even more so when it remains open, offering the spectator an active role. Design based on a relational strategy generates participation and involvement. When loosening control, the designer leaves a margin of unpredictability to the end result, for which the public will also be responsible.

Sustainable Multiverso
Multiverso as a sustainable project
Planning messages and designing objects, and taking into account the environment hosting them, means identifying new and non-invasive communication methods that do not affect the environment, reducing the number of signs and interventions actually required, whilst identifying a non-prevaricating, open, flexible language that is sensitive to the world around.

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