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Over the past ten years, as a director and joint owner of thomas.matthews Sophie has led and delivered a vast array of award winning projects across the world. Through her work and writing she has strived to practice the agencies ‘ten ways design can fight climate change’ which are now seen globally as essential guiding principles to sustainable design. Sophie plays a vocal part in promoting sustainable thinking in design and is a co-founder of the new social enterprise ‘Three Trees Don’t Make a Forest’, set up to offer inspiration and tools to communication designers and people who work in design with the aim to push for a zero carbon design industry.

Designing towards elegant frugality
The average shopper in the developed world shopper adds 3 three tonnes of CO2 to their carbon footprint by simply buying stuff. We are living in a society where we demand bigger, better, more and as a result are living beyond our needs, putting massive pressure on the environment we depend on.
Even though climate change has been on the agenda for many years, we still seem to be stuck in a state of denial and confusion. Designers have the creative skills to solve challenging problems. So why aren’t we rolling up our sleeves and focusing on the biggest one of all?

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