Pierre Di Sciullo


Pierre di Sciullo is a designer who is working in various media and platforms, books, posters, video, film, screen work and exhibitions.
He conducts research in the areas of graphic and typographic design. Beginning in 1983, he started publishing “Qui? Résiste”, a collection of handbooks mixing texts and pictures.
He designed many fonts: the Minimum, the Quantange, the Basnoda, the Sintétik, the Gararond and the Amanar, digital font for the Touareg writing system.
He expanded in work with set-designers and architects. Whether in wood, metal or glass, he likes things written large.


Escaping from order
Working with two people in his studio, because small is beautiful, Pierre di Sciullo wants to stay concentrated on the creative process more than the business side. How can one design, draw, touch and not only make phone calls, hold meetings and give good advices to others?
«I like to work on different themes and levels, it's the answer to my desire for a better understanding of society, but I'm never satisfied.
At the same time I wonder if I should restrain the lines, to simplify the actions and moderate the dilution of my concentration.
I balance between the spirit of curiosity – to discover new social landscapes and people involved in REAL projects of construction and transmission – and my needs of creator – the freedom, the autonomy, the inutility.
I try to preserve sensuality inside the systems, I mean to escape from grids and order.»

26 mar 2008


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

14 ottobre 2019


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