Monika Parrinder

Monika Parrinder is a writer and lecturer on visual communication at the Royal College of Art and London College of Communication in the UK. She is co-founder, with Colin Davies, of Limited Language. This is a collaborative web-platform for the generation of discussion and writing about sonic/visual culture. It is interested in using the methods of contemporary digital practice and image making – open-source, open-ended, cut-and-paste etc. - to generate new ways of writing about communication. Monika has published articles in UK magazines, Eye and Blueprint, and US magazines, Print and ID - independently and with Limited Language.

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How can we capture, and make meaningful, a world on the move? In 1962, Umberto Eco proposed the ‘work in movement’. Radical experiments in open structure, today, have become the conventions of new media and we don’t need any more ways to reflect the world. Lev Manovich suggests the new avant-garde won’t be found in a search for new forms, but new modes of access and manipulation.
‘Scriptographer’ opens up code as craft, whilst a mobile phone equipped with the latest ‘pointing’ technology becomes a mouse for the real world. Today, we design ‘agency’ - but, for what?

26 mar 2008


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