Robyn McDonald


Robyn is a Director and founding member of Inkahoots. The Brisbane based design studio has been working on the periphery of Australian creative culture since 1990. Born as a community access screen-printing studio / arts collective, Inkahoots continues to hustle for social change with adventurous visual communication. The team, which includes Director Jason Grant and designers Ben Mangan, Joel Booÿ and Kate Booÿ, collaborates locally and internationally as visual advocates and activists. Robyn’s long-term contribution to the development of poster making in Australia has been recognised by the National Gallery and the Queensland Art Gallery with representation of her work in various exhibitions and collections. Robyn holds a BA from the University of Queensland in Art History and Philosophy, and a diploma in Illustration from the Queensland College of Art.

Robyn will discuss Inkahoots’ role as visual advocate and activist for organisations competing to be noticed against the sophisticated marketing strategies of big business. With a survey of the studio’s past and recent projects she will demonstrate that creative visual communication is an authoritative voice for important issues that are often silenced by the saturation of commercial media and competing interests. Both the false divisions of prejudice and the inequities of privilege are sustained by our visual culture. But designers are not detached or immune. When we design something – a poster, a book, a city – it in turn designs us. We are designing our future.

26 mar 2008


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

14 ottobre 2019


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