Luna Maurer


Trained as a Graphic Designer, Luna Maurer works as an independent designer in the field of interaction and media design in Amsterdam. Her interests lie in technological developments that change our media into fluid digital environments and finding design solutions for it.
She applies her approach of designing environments and tools to all kinds of media: dynamic media (web, tools, animation and video) but also to print, installations and performances.
Her work has been exhibited a.o. at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum de Paviljoens, Almere, London Design Museum. At the moment she teaches interaction design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and is connected as a tutor to the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Trough the influence of media and technology on our world, the way we live is characterized by speed and constant change. Internet, networks and the media ecology result more and more in a dynamic, data driven, screen-based information society. The way we work as designers has to coincide with this changing world view. For these constantly changing situations we need to approach design in a dynamic way. In a dynamic system the process and relationships are the defining element. The process is the product. As a designer I try to escape the traditional media related categorization but rather refer to a mentality, a specific approach that allows me to design things that adapt to their environment, emphasize change and show difference.

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