LUST is a graphic practice that tries to map out new terrains for graphic design, for software, and for new audiences. LUST is a three-person graphic design practice established by Thomas Castro, Jeroen Barendse and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen. They work in a variety of media including printed materials, interactive installations and architectural graphics. LUST has worked in the fields of graphic design and new media since 1996. LUST considers design as a process. Each design stems from a concept that results from extensive research. In the course of its existence, LUST has developed a design methodology which has been described as process-based design or generative-systems based. This entails the developing an analytical process which leads eventually to something that designs itself. Furthermore, we are most interested in the cutting edge where de disciplines of graphic design, interactive and media design and architecture and urban planning overlap.

Generation Random
There has been much discussion lately about the role of design in this ‘post-post-modern’ age. The position of the designer has been defined for a long time: we are the producers of structured communicative visual forms and identities – stimulating our society’s signs and symbols to new interpretations. This view of the designer’s role is not necessarily defunct – it is just shortsighted in light of recent developments in our culture. This paradigm shift can be simply described as previous linear models being replaced by non-hierarchical ones.
Nowadays everyone is a possible node for the broadcast and consumption of information, editorship lies not in the old hierarchical structures of information but in the hands of the consumer. It is the task of designers today to create the conditions and parameters and give the reader the freedom to react and add. Marshall McLuhan once said that the medium is the message but now that makes way for the content is the medium.

26 mar 2008


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

14 ottobre 2019


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