Paul Elliman


Paul Elliman is a London-based artist and writer exploring the mutual interests of technology and language. His work, which draws on a range of resources from found typographies to professional voice-overs, has been included in collections in London’s Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert Museum, APAP in Seoul, and New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art. 
He has taught at Yale University School of Art, New Haven, since 1997 and is thesis supervisor at the Werkplaats Typographie in Arnhem, Netherlands.
Elliman has contributed essays to several artists catalogues and books, as well as magazines and journals including Wired, Dot Dot Dot, Tate etc, and Visual Communication.

Double tracked
I could tell you something about my interest in voice and text. About how one is always part of the nature of the other. I've been a bit distracted by a baseball game on the radio here. Every now and then the commentator speaks an ad for one of the sponsors. I mean he does it in the same voice, right in the middle of the play, not even a pause:
Chamberlain checks the runner on first base then, with a two-two count in the bottom of the third, delivers low and inside, ball three. Don’t forget to step into a Wendy’s for a Baconater and a hand-spun Frosty shake. Ok. Full count and here comes the pay-off pitch, Chamberlain throws it.
That kind of thing. There's no way to separate the role of the voice from the scripted form of the ad, or any of the other mechanisms that produce it. Fast, low and inside. Hello from Detroit by the way.

26 mar 2008

via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

14 ottobre 2019


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