Daniel Eatock


Born 1975 Bolton, UK. ?Lives and works in London, UK I am interested in connections between image and language, titles, punch lines, miscommunication, subversions, open systems, contributions from others, seriality, collections, discovery and inventing.
I employ reductive logic, and strive for objective and rational solutions to form concluded works.
I am especially interested in the connection of the start and end points of a hand drawn circle.


Mini Manifesto
Begin with ideas
Eliminate superfluous elements
Subvert expectation?
Believe complex ideas can produce simple objects
Trust the process?
Allow concepts to determine form?
Reduce material and production to their essence
Sustain the integrity of an idea?
Propose honesty as a solution?
Remove subjectivity

26 mar 2008


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

15 ottobre 2019


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