Aiap representatives:
Beppe Chia, AIAP President
Cristina Chiappini, AIAP Vice-President
Luciano Ferro, AIAP Treasurer

Icograda representatives:
Don Ryun Chang, Icograda President
Jacques Lange, Icograda Past President
Omar Vulpinari, Icograda Vice President
David Berman, Icograda Treasurer

General direction and management
Event curator
Cristina Chiappini

Aiap managing director
Francesco Guida

Icograda managing director
Brenda Sanderson

Icograda project manager
Michal Steckiw

Scientific coordinators for
Multiverso conference,
Multiverso exhibition
and workshops

Cristina Chiappini, Silvia Sfligiotti

Theme inspirer
Mario Piazza

Graphic design Multiverso identity

Lucia Roscini - Zup

Communication management
Ginette Caron

Website management
Letizia Bollini

Italic 2.0 exhibition curators

Silvia Sfligiotti, Giò Fuga, Luciano Perondi, Marta Bernstein

Alba exhibition curators
Andrea Rauch, Gianni Sinni

Assistant speakers management
Emanuela Bonini Lessing

Workshop coordinator
Paolo Ciampagna

Organization and coordination
Paola Leati
Echo arte e comunicazione - Pavia

Aiap Secretariat
Lucia Leonardi

Press Office
Francesca Monza and Alessandra Lonati
Echo arte e comunicazione - Pavia

International Council of Graphic Design Associations
The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) is the world body for professional graphic design and visual communication. Founded in 1963, it is a voluntary assembly of associations concerned with graphic design, visual communication, design management, design promotion and design education. Icograda promotes graphic designers' vital role in society and commerce and unifies the voices of graphic designers and visual communicators worldwide. The vision, mission and core values of the council are collectively embodied in the communication statement of 'leading creatively', which is manifested through our Members’ diverse activities to use design as a medium for progressive change.

Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva
Italian Association of Visual Communication Design.
The association that unites professionals of graphic design and visual communication on the Italian national territory. Established in 1945, the organisation is one of the founding members of Icograda. Aiap’s mission is to champion the advancement and development of the profession and culture of graphic design both in the areas of practice and education.
Aiap promotes the consciousness of practice of communication design through moral and ethical commitment within the field. Aiap promotes its activities and pursues its objectives via numerous channels such as Progetto Grafico magazine, Aiap's institutional website, the blog SocialDesignZine (, Progetto-Italic (, catalogs, publications, the organization of events, exhibitions and educational activities.

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via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

21 ottobre 2020


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